Sunday, July 29, 2012

Penny School Supplies Begin- Folders

Yes, I know that the back to school specials have now been going on for several weeks and I've not quite kept you as up to date as I did last year. But that was partly on purpose because I was holding out for the best deals. Staples frustrates me in more than one way but the biggest is the fact that they set a minimum purchase on their penny deals... and I'm not spending $5 just to get 10 items for a penny.
But man do I love me some Office Depot!!
This week is my favorite penny deal: pocket folders (with and without fastens!) If you are a teacher, you can get 30 folders each visit instead of the typical limit of 10. I drag my mother along, of course, because she also works for a schools. We hit up 2 stores today and bought 120 folders for a grand total of $1.24! Now you cannot beat that.
I'll definitely be going to get 30 more each day this week only because I pass an Office Depot on my daily deposit route for my summer job. **You can never have enough folders and your friends will love you if you share!**
Mom and I also stopped by a yard sale quickly after church and I hit the jackpot with a purchase of 6 Expo Dry Erasers for.... wait for it..... 50 cent!
With the Beginning of Penny Sales, (and a Happy Wallet)
The Penny Pinching Teacher

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What to do with wine corks?

Now that I stumbled upon bags of wine corks this past weekend, not only am I not going to have to drink a bottle of wine a day to save up corks... but I now have an excuse to craft again. What better way to spend my Memorial Day morning than creating a new masterpiece for the wall.

I started with a frame that I bought at a tag sale this past weekend. After taking the glass out of the frame, I returned the cardboard backing to the frame and then had a base to hot glue my corks to.

I began with a pattern; exchanging the direction of the corks after every two corks. I laid the corks out at the top of the frame to make sure they fit snug, then I transferred them to the bottom of my base and hot glued them one at a time.
This only took about 20 minutes and was extremely simple. Now to find some empty wall space in my house to hang this gem.
With a glass of wine in my hand and the cork on the wall,
The Penny Pinching Teacher

Friday, July 13, 2012

Free Starbucks Refresher

Friday Freebies are here! What better way to celebrate this crazy Friday the 13th than with a free tall Starbucks refresher drink. The drinks come in two flavors: Cool Lime and Very Berry Hibiscus. The only problem I have with this freebie is my indecisiveness over which flavor to choose!

Have you tried the Starbucks refreshers?
Let me know what you think!

With Friday Freebies,
The Penny Pinching Teacher

Free ChickfilA!

Happy Cow Appreciation Day!
If you haven't already stopped by your local ChickfilA in cow gear to grab a free meal... what are you waiting for!?! Dress head to toe or if you're not so daring... add a few black construction paper spots to your shirt like I did on my lunch break at work and pick any meal for free. (I've already grabbed breakfast and lunch... we'll see if I'm still in a chicken mood for dinner HA!)

Enjoy and let me know your successes!
With a belly full of CHICKEN,
The Penny Pinching Teacher