Saturday, July 14, 2012

What to do with wine corks?

Now that I stumbled upon bags of wine corks this past weekend, not only am I not going to have to drink a bottle of wine a day to save up corks... but I now have an excuse to craft again. What better way to spend my Memorial Day morning than creating a new masterpiece for the wall.

I started with a frame that I bought at a tag sale this past weekend. After taking the glass out of the frame, I returned the cardboard backing to the frame and then had a base to hot glue my corks to.

I began with a pattern; exchanging the direction of the corks after every two corks. I laid the corks out at the top of the frame to make sure they fit snug, then I transferred them to the bottom of my base and hot glued them one at a time.
This only took about 20 minutes and was extremely simple. Now to find some empty wall space in my house to hang this gem.
With a glass of wine in my hand and the cork on the wall,
The Penny Pinching Teacher


  1. That turned out really cute! I made refrigerator magnets with a few of my corks! Check it out:

    Miss R's Room: More Magnets

    Leslie :)

  2. These make great pin boards too!

    Janet |

  3. Miss R, Thanks for the fabulous idea with the refrigerator magnets! I am hosting a lingerie shower this weekend and am going to give the magnets as party favors!