Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Skin Healthy Diet

Today, I began my skin healthy diet. After years of struggling with constant breakouts and unpredictable skin, I've resorted to solve my blemishes with a new diet. I've tried every face wash on the market from expensive monthly delivery systems to doctor recommended products and nothing seems to have a long term effect. I spent hours researching food to add to and eliminate from my diet to help purify my skin.

Foods to Add:
1. Almonds
(Vitamin E source: Now my pre-lunch snack. I bought a huge bag of all natural/unsalted almonds and put 1/4 cup of them into snack bags. I replaced my candy bowl with these healthy little snacks to go.)
2. Avocado
(B-vitamin source: Fresh avocado is a great addition to a salad. I recommend adding lemon juice after cutting and if you plan to store some for later, keep the pit in the container with the remaining avocado.)
3. Fresh Mushrooms
(B2 source: Another great addition to a salad.)
4. Flax seed Oil
(Omega 3 source: I'm hooked on Kashi's Almond and Flax seed bars.)
5. Cottage Cheese
(Selenium source: Antioxidant)
6. Fish
(I prefer salmon and cod.)

Foods to Eliminate:
1. Caffeine
(Thank goodness for Caffeine Free Diet Coke!)
2. Processed Sugar
(No fruit juices, alcohol, vinegar, chocolate... no fun!)
3. White Flours
(No pastas, bread, cake, cookies... that included wheat.)
4. Dairy
(No milk, cheese... I'm struggling here!)


  1. Excellent! We should go with it. Control your diet and keep doing sports. Weight will be automatically reduced, and you don't need to be worried about your skin!


  2. Love your blog! Just awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award! Check out my blog for the details!

    :D angie


    1. Angie- Thank you so much... what a complement! I will definitely be stopping by your blog!

  3. This is a great post- thanks! It would be so hard to give up dairy! I love me some cheese :p new follower. Love the blog name ;) xx

    1. Missy- It has definitely been a challenge to stick to this diet for the past two weeks...but I've managed to keep true to avoiding sweets and caffeine (except for my morning Starbucks.) Cheese may end up being my demise however! Thank for reading!