Monday, August 15, 2011

Don't Miss Out

This week there are some great deals on every day classroom necessity that you must not miss out on. The first of these deals can be found at Office Depot. I knew I jumped the gun a few weeks ago when they had their paper folders on sale for 5 cent but my impatient nature wouldn't let me wait until they had their penny sale on folders.

Oh well, I can always use some more folders. Needless to say, the penny sale I've been waiting all summer for is here. Office Depot has their paper folders on sale for a penny. Now they are limited the number of folders to 10 per purchase. But at this deal, grab every friend you know and make a trip out of it. Especially because there is no minimum purchase needed. I've already recruited my mom and her coworkers to make a pit stop by Office Depot on their lunch break tomorrow!
Another deal that I took advantage of today was on notebook paper at Staples. Staples has packs of college ruled and wide ruled paper on sale for a penny a pack. They will allow teachers to get 25 packs per purchase (now that A LOT of paper.) The only downfall to this sale is that there is a $5 minimum purchase needed; but I'm sure there are some other supplies that are lurking on your wish list. With my school cutting back on the number of copies allotted to each teacher this year, we are in desperate need of notebook paper to save copies.

Good luck with your shopping and I hope you're getting geared up for the new school year. Here's a sneak peak at my classroom rejuvenation that I'll share tomorrow...

With Savings and School year beginning,
The Penny Pinching Teacher

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