Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wardrobe Essential Wednesday: Comfortable Wedges

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm vertically challenged. Standing a smidge shy of 5'3", most of my students are eye level with me or towering above me. One of the blessings in disguise of being a 5th grade teacher is that I have an excuse to buy adorable wedges to wear to work. If I were teaching any lower grade level I would be more than tempted to wear flats EVERY day to work.

Two years ago I had my eye on a pair of wedges that I'd been wanting for years. So I finally caved in and bought them with the justification that they were going to be my new "teacher shoes." Now I loved these shoes and wore them every day for about 4 months. But one thing I will say is that they were not comfortable enough to wear for 8 straight hours of walking around a school building. Cute but not so comfy.
I have the brown Coach emblem wedges... not a fan of plaid.
 Now last year, I had learned my lesson so when I went to buy a new pair of "teacher shoes," I was looking more for comfort than cute but I managed to find both. I had been seeing all of my friends and coworkers sporting TOMS every day to work but once again I need a little height on my shoes so I wasn't smitten with these colorful frocks. But when I found TOMS wedges, I was SOLD! They are so fabulous. Look great with any outfit and are actually quite comfortable.
When I bought my wedges, there weren't as many choices in color so I went with these neutral wedges and they literally match everything! Now TOMS has come out with more colored wedges than I can count so you can pick the ones perfect for you.

Do you teach in wedges, flats or heels??


  1. I wear flats! all the time cause of feet troubles, but those wedges are pretty darn cute!!

  2. @Pearlann66 Thanks! I think their pretty darn cute too! Now I love some colorful flats too. We all know that teaching all day can do some damage to our feet!

  3. I'm a short 5th grade teacher too! I wear heels almost every day. My students get freaked out when I wear flats!

  4. i am SO happy to find your blog! I start my student teaching this year and like you, I am vertically challenged (5'4.5") I bought the Tom's wedges with the hopes they will work for me. And now I am confident since they are "teacher approved"!

    Love the blog so far! :)