Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Frenzy

Sadly, yesterday I made the plunge into the school year and stepped foot into my classroom. When I first walked in, I was giddy as a school girl to see that the floors were so clean (they were polished last week) but that moment of joy quickly faded when I realized that the air wasn't working in my room. Not a happy camper at that point.

I had such big plans to get everything hung back up and the desks put in order but I couldn't stand much of the heat. Needless to say I got the desk arranged and that's about it (beside chatting for a few hours with a teacher on my grade level... love catching up on the summer.) Looks like I'll be heading back to the school at least once over the weekend to get some work done.

But I did get a few pictures of the "before" of my classroom so that I can share the final "after" project with you next week.

Look at those clean floors!! If you would've seen them at the end of last year then you would totally understand where my excitement comes from.

One thing that I'm hoping to get completed today while I'm at home is my Independent Math crate. I picked up a few of these fabulous crates at Target when they were on sale for $3... but don't you worry if you're still wanting one because the regular price is less than $4.
Fabulous crates from Target... great for hanging files!
I picked up a box of multicolored hanging files from Staples when I had to reach my $5 minimum on penny sales and plan to filled these crates with them. Each hanging file will be full of leveled math activities.

Last year I had a huge problem with students finishing their work early during math and the rule in my class is "early finisher are the first to read." Well it dawned on me that early finishers in math need to be improving their math skills instead of losing themselves in a good book. Therefore this year they will have the opportunity to grab a math activity that will challenge them beyond our everyday classwork.

I will post finished products on Monday. I cannot wait to have this piece of my classroom complete.
What are some final touches you are making to your classroom??

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