Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Target Finds

What better way to start off my Friday than another trip to Target! Today I'm planning to raid the dollar section for the third time this week and see if there is anything new to fit my fancy. And I just saw on Target Treasures that there are a few school supply freebies for the week... who doesn't want to jump on the opportunity to get something free!

First on my list is my freebie "purchase" of the day:
Scotch Tape
On sale for 50 cent + Target online coupon for 50 cent off = FREE

I also might pick up some Post Its to try printing Reading Strategies on. I learned yesterday over at Lady Bug's Teacher Files that I could actually print text on my beloved sticky notes (my favorite thing every... just ask my students!) And to top it off... Target has there multicolored Post-It Notes cubes on sale for $3.

If you know me well... then you know that these will not be the only things in my cart today. Who knows what I'll find on today's shopping spree!

Also make sure you check back on Sunday to see what school supply deals of the week I've found... hopefully they will includes several Penny Sales...

With Target Teasures,
The Penny Pinching Teacher