Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Target Dollar Spot Spree

Target's Dollar Spot is a teacher's dream come true right now... especially if you teach lower elementary. Being a 5th Grade teacher, I have to be a little picky with the classroom decorations that I buy so that my room doesn't look "uncool" or "babyish" for my older big kids.

I find myself grabbing things that I know are too young for my classroom and I always have to send pictures to my teacher buddies so that they can snag these amazing deals. So far this week, these are the fabulous finds that I've come across.

Days of the week= $1

Calendar Set... each component is $1 so $3 for the whole thing... NOT BAD!

Weather Chart= $1

Class Dry Erase Schedule (currently in my classroom) =$1

"Welcome To Our Classroom" Banner =$1
If you're a lower elementary teacher then get to Target ASAP and grab these fabulous finds! What have you found in Target Dollar Spot lately?


  1. I bought a few of those a couple of weeks ago. I love Target's Dollar Spot right before school starts. They have some great stuff. I bought their grade book last year and loved it. I can't wait to put up my Days of the Week and "Welcome to Our Classroom" banner. Can't beat the prices!

  2. @Mr.Michelbook. I'm glad you got your hands on these great deals! I actually went searching for the grade books in the Dollar Spot today and couldn't find one... On to the next Target!

  3. They had foam clocks with moveable hands for a dollar. These are perfect for math tubs when my kiddos are learning about time! Much cheaper than buying Judy clocks!

  4. @Mandi I love the foam clocks that they have out this year. Last year I got a few of them and they even had a dry erase piece attached to the bottom of the clocks for students to write the time.

  5. Awesome finds! I was just at my Target and they didn't carry these, otherwise I'd definitely get some for my 1st/2nd grade class!

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