Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Meltdown: Stress

Hopefully you can agree that Mondays are nothing short of a major meltdown. These Monday Meltdown posts will become quite entertaining when the school year starts back and I am borderline in crisis mode with lack of sleep, excessive meetings, hours of planning, 20 parent phone calls to deal with and 4 work days still ahead of me. As Madonna stated it so well, "Just another Manic Monday!"

This Monday though, my life is definitely not lacking that element of stress that shouldn't be creeping its way into my summer vacation. No matter how much I strive to get done on the weekend, come Monday, I'm about to pull my hair out at the lack of things that I've actually completed over the my "weekend."

Yesterday, I was contemplating the fact that my summer has been utterly routine free. Now that might sounds amazing to most of you, but my slightly OCD side is freaking out at the lack of structure. As a teacher, I am used to doing exactly the same thing at the same time every day. Think back to your elementary school days when everything from bathroom breaks to free time were planned out to the T. Well I'm surprisingly missing my excess of time management. Even though it will probably be one of the many things that I complain about on Mondays when school gets back into full swing.

The main ingredient that is missing from my summer days is a to-do list. I looked at my planner this weekend and I've neglected the poor thing for over a month. How in the world do I stay sane without every minute of every hour scheduled out? Well that's the point... I'm not staying sane. So I am resorting back to the world schedules and to-do lists.
The first step to my stress rehab is going to be getting a new planner. I'm thinking I should go with a bright color to maybe help with my tendency to become easily distraction and luckily Target has these Moleskin notebooks in every color and their under $10.  Then I've got to start a to-do lists of the thousands of things that I was supposed to complete last week. Hopefully come Friday... this summer vaca with be nothing short of a Fun Friday instead of a Meltdown Monday!

With Hourly Plans,
The Penny Pinching Teacher

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