Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Deal: 114 Items for $2.75

Please say I'm not the only one who is jumping at every opportunity to find a good deal on supplies this summer! Are you having any luck finding extreme deals?

Today I hit the jackpot thanks to some fabulous bloggers. I stopped by Staples on my errand run this morning to get the 2 pocket folders that are on sale for a penny this week. The only downfall to Staples penny sales is that you have to spend $5 in order to get the items for a penny. But on the plus side, they will allow teachers to get 25 of each of the penny items instead of just 10.

The only penny sale items that my Staples store had in their sales ad this week were folders but thanks to Rebecca at Create.Teach.Share I found out that other Staples had pencils, notecards and highlights also for a penny. Well this happened to be my lucky day because they price matched the other store's deals. I ended up getting much than I had planned to but spent very little.
sidebar: I wish you could've seen my face when the sales clerk rang up the sales promo wrong and the register said that my bill was $26,457.00!!!

Here's what ended up in my shopping cart:

25 packs of 100 index cards = $0.25

4 Sharpies= $1

25 packs of 2 Sharpie Highlighters= $0.25

4 White Outs= $1
25 Pocket Folders- $0.25
25 packs of 8 pencils= $0.25
Big Purchase of the day: Hanging Files for my Target Crates= $10
Without the hanging files, my total for 114 items was $2.75!

The Penny Pinching Teacher


  1. WHAT!! That is so amazing! I wish I would have found this post earlier and taken advantage of the sales!

  2. @Jayhawk Teacher. This deal doesn't end until this Saturday! Check Staples ad online to see if your store is having the same sale and Good Luck :)