Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday To Do: Classroom Wish List

This summer there is not much that you can do for your classroom until you get your class list... which will be weeks for me. The only thing you can really be productive with is buying supplies. And I am waiting until the as of now mystery penny sales come around.

Until these sales decide to make an appearance, I am going ahead and working on a Classroom Wish List. Each year, at open house, the teachers on my grade level present a Wish List for our classrooms in a creative way. This year I am going to put each item on a frog (theme for my classroom) sticky note and post them on a white board chart. This will be my "Wishing Well" from which parents can choose an item to purchase for the class.
via Carson Dellosa Sale
My goal this week, is to choose the items that I want to add to my "Wish List." So far these are the items that I have come up with:
Dry Erase Markers, Printer Paper, Highlighters, Bags of Assorted Candy (for the treasure box), and Lysol Wipes (locked in my filing cabinet of course...ridiculous!)

What else should I add to this list? What is on your classroom wish list this year?

With Wishes of Supplies,
The Penny Pinching Teacher


  1. TISSUES!!!! Also, hand sanitizer. Neither of these items are supplied by my school, and my students go through them quickly!!

  2. ^I just found your website through Pinterest...didn't realize this post was from a year ago. Still, I always put tissues and hand sanitizer on my wish list.