Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Deals

Hopefully each week I will be able to post the deals that I find for my classroom. As teachers, we know how hard it is to keep a classroom stocked with supplies without forking out a huge amount from our own wallets. I'm hoping that these deals will help you snag a few items on a dime. Also make sure that you check out any blog post that is titled "Weekly Deals" because I will also be posting when office supply stores are hosting their penny sales this summer. (I'm crossing my fingers that Staples will be having their Penny Sale next week...but don't worry I will let you know as soon as I do!)

This week, most Target dollar sections are stocking their shelves with teacher supplies. Remember that every Target is different so the stock is never the same. One Target I visited this week had wooden bathroom/office passes, folders, behavior chart stickers, file boxes, 10ct pencil packs, flash cards and more. The Target that I visited today had several items marked 50% off including 10ct pencil packs, decorative boxes for your desk, white boards, sidewalk chalk, thank you card sets, and notepads.

My big find of the day was these file folders with are great for storing math station games. I have been looking for these folders at a decent price for months now and was beyond excited when I found them for a dollar. Comparing office supply stores have them priced up to $10.99 each. Today I bought 10 folders for less than $10.99!

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