Monday, April 9, 2012

Dressing Up My Windows for Less

Happy Monday! If every Monday were like today, I'd never have a case of the Mondays again. Spring Break has officially set in and I've hit the ground running. Determined not to waste a minute of this valuable free time, I managed to tackle several crafts around the house today. I'll be posting several of these Pinterest inspire crafts throughout the week.

This weekend, I went looking for curtains for my bedroom at Target. To say that I'm in love with Target would be a major understatement, but when it came to buying curtains, I was more than disappointed with Target's prices. My biggest pet peeve with window treatments is that they are being sold in single panels now. At prices ranging from $19.99-29.99, that means that it would take at least $40 for me to treat 1 window... much less 2 windows!!

Luckily mom and I noticed that Target had a table cloth that matched the throw pillow currently on my bed. I remembered that I'd pinned a picture of "no sew curtains" on Pinterest last week and knew that this was the perfect time to put my pinning to good use. Each tablecloth was only $15.99. I was able to create 4 window panels for less than $35 instead of buying 4 window panels for a total or $120. Here's the story line of how this craft turned out with before and after. Enjoy!
Target has some fabulous patterned tablecloths right now... this one happened to match my pillow.
My throw pillow is the opposite of the fabric with a purple background and tan flowers.

First step is to lay out the table cloth and cut it evenly into two panels...
note: dogs are attracted to cloth of any kind... ha!

For those "sewing-challenged" people like myself...
use Heat and Bond to hem the trimmed side of the table cloth.
Then Head and Bond is the perfect size and
actually matches the hem on the tablecloth perfectly.

BEFORE: My boring old tan curtains were in desperate need of an update.
Target also has these hanger clips which were perfect for hanging my "curtains"

AFTER: I'm in love with the pattern and it add such character to the room!

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