Wednesday, April 4, 2012

RueLaLa... OoooLaLa!

Right now, I'm catching up on this week's episode of Bethenny Ever After... by far my favorite show. Now I would never say that I want to be in Bethenny's shoes with her hundred mile an hour life style but I wouldn't mind the unlimited access to Skinnygirl margaritas (a topic for another day.) My favorite quote of the episode was when she asked her food blogger if "your (his) diet is your bank account?" HELLO my life!

**There was a rant about the lack of money in a teacher's salary to go here... but I deleted it so to spare you added stress and repetition of the every day conversation around the lunch table**

Living on a teacher's salary is a challenge that seems to motivate me more and more every day. Managing 10 months of paychecks to pay bills over a period of 12 months is a challenge in itself. But add on the fact that we only get paid once a month and that pay check doesn't go far. You've got a recipe for disaster unless you're a financially OCD person such as myself.

Saving money is a whole new high for me. Anything from couponing, yard-selling (yes this is indeed a verb), to bargain shopping on the sale racks at Target with a digital coupon on my handy ol iPhone (skip the part where you remind me that I shouldn't have an iPhone if I'm concerned about my paycheck... it's an investment might I add.)

A newer obsession of mine... as of the past year... is a website called Ruelala. This website host daily boutiques for discounted designer products. These products range from clothing and jewelry to bedding and cookware. Designer brands such as Jack Rogers, Vineyard Vines, Missoni, Hobo, Michael Kors, and Lilly Pulitzer grace Ruelala's presence. I'm a sucker from some Lilly Pulitzer and the minute I found out that I could get a Lilly dress for less than $50 (usually upwards of $200); I was rushing to join. Different boutiques open up every day at 11am so the eye candy just keeps coming. If you want to know more, visit Ruelala and see for yourself.
**Tomorrow, the Lilly Pulitzer boutique opens at 11am... DON'T MISS OUT! If I'm lucky enough to snag a dress then I'll be sure to post my spendings.

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