Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm definitely not cut out for manual labor!

Needless to say... this weekend I learned the hard way that just because something looks easy does not mean that it is. I happen to be one of those people who Googles everything from medical diagnosis, home improvement crafts and book/movie reviews.
Since spring has graced us with her presence, I started to notice how horrific awful my walkway was starting to look. It dawned on me that this will be my first spring in my new house and new little friends called weeds are meeting me for the first time. I decided last weekend that I would use my Spring Break week to tackle the easy task of demolishing, relining, edging and filling my walkway.
After tearing my back apart and getting more than frustrated with home improvement stores, I finally finished the project and beyond proud of my hard work. Enjoy the before, middle, and after pictures above.
What home improvement projects have you taken on lately?
**Sidebar: I realized this weekend that I need a boyfriend for two reasons: to mow my yard and lift heavy objects.

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