Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Target Dollar Delights

Yesterday, I was once again captivated by new things in the dollar section at Target. As you saw in an earlier post, I've begun collecting Thank You cards because of course every southern belle knows that no deed goes un-thank-you-ed. You cannot beat these prices. $1 for an 8 pack of thank-you cards... and their gorgeous with an array of spring colors.
I also picked up a few must haves. A new notepad in what might be my new favorite color combo... grey and yellow. Also I got a small notebook to keep my quick on the go to-do lists in my purse and an adorable luggage tag (which will come in handy with my traveling to weddings this summer.)
However I did pass up on some other amazing dollar finds today... which might find their way into my cart on my next visit. Target Dollar Spot also had packets of napkins with single initials, beautiful Mother's Day cards, gift bags (small 2 pack, large and wine), Happy Birthday and Congratulations cards.

With Colorful Dollar Finds for Spring,
The Penny Pinching Teacher

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