Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break To Does... To Don'ts.

The count-down is finally over. This afternoon at 2:30pm marks my freedom from the world of teaching for an entire week! Hello Spring Break... oh how I still love you past my tropical college getaways. Spring Break this year will not involve any big travel plans but I'm going to get plenty of rest and relaxation. That is, after I finish my to do list.

My Spring Break list of To-Do's has been getting longer and longer as the days go by. So far it entails:
  1. Finish the Hunger Games series (I'm on book 3 and yes I've already seen the movie. Love the books and have recommended them to everyone I know... including strangers at Target.)
  2. Re-bark my flower beds and backyard (My yard is in some desperate need of attention and black bark will do just the trick... by the way I hate loath yard work so this will involve quite a few other pairs of hands.)
  3.  Make roman shades for my kitchen windows (This past weekend I picked up the fabric for the curtains and will finally have time to complete this pinterest inspired craft that's been on my list since this summer. See Pinspiration.)
  4. 4. Quick trip to Blowing Rock for some shopping with mom
  5. 5. Have a lunch date with some girlfriends (The number one thing I miss from my job-less college life. The time to actually sit down in a real restaurant and eat with other adults. This lunch will most likely involve some afternoon cocktails as well... paradise.)
  6. Eye doctor appointment (I'm crossing my fingers that this little diddy will be checked off my list. I've been in need of new glasses since last year and it is getting harder by the day to read my board from across the room. eek!)
  7. Walk 5 miles (Two weeks ago, I started walking every day after work and I've mapped out a 4 mile route around the general area that I live in. I'm hoping to push my limits and walk 5 miles. My Nike+GPS app on my iPhone keeps me motivated by letting me know when I've reached each mile marker and even lets me know the pace that I'm walking.)
Things not to do over Spring Break:
  1. Eat out for every meal
  2. Sleep in past 9am
  3. Grade papers or any work there of
  4. Think about EOGs
  5. Sit in front of the TV (thank you DVR)
  6. Spend my whole months paycheck (at least attempt not to)
What's on your list of things to accomplish over Spring Break (yes, I capitalize this proper noun as if it's a holiday... because IT IS!)

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