Monday, April 16, 2012

Timeless Piece on a Dime

For Easter, my mom bought me a gorgeous new watch which I've been flaunting every day since... even with my tshirt and Nike gym shorts. I've been talking about wanting a Michael Kors watch for months now but I could never bring myself to pay more than $200 for a watch when there are bills to be paid. So when my mom and I were shopping the week before Easter, my jaw dropped to the floor when I spotted what looked like a gold Michael Kors watch in... wait for it.... New York & Co.
Now I've seen many MK knock offs but this one was too good to be true. This knock-off-perfection was proven true when a good friend of mine complemented my new "Michael Kors" the next day at which point I flaunted my new watch and the amount I paid for it.
The next case of mistaken identity happened when I was shopping in boutiques on our mountain day trip. I was gawking at a case display of Michael Kors watches when a sales clerk informed me that all of the watches were indeed Michael Kors. Upon seeing my new watch glistening on my wrist, she said, "Oh, but you already know that by looking at your Michael Kors." HA! If only she knew!
Finally, today I was paying for my Monday bottle of wine at Harris Teeter and the young girl checking me out said, "I love your Michael Kors!" I smiled so big, you would've thought my wine was 50% off. I proceeded to tell the clerk that my watch was actually from New York & Co. and only cost me $13! I'm more than sure her first stop after work will be the mall.

New York & Co.

Michael Kors $250

Vernier $34

Michael Kors $275

New York & Co. $26.95

Michael Kors $225


  1. Woo HOO!!! I love good deals like that love those watches!!! I think I will be making a trip to the mall very soon!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for reading! Let me know your great finds Tara! I'm hopefully going to get the silver watch at New York & Co. tomorrow... especially after a guy at work today even asked about my gold one!