Thursday, April 12, 2012

WHOLE new look on life... and eating

We welcomed Whole Foods to Greensboro, NC today! I have to admit that until today I hadn't been in Whole Foods. I'm an avid lover of Trader Joe's (even though the closest one is at least an hour away... so sad) but I've never had an opportunity to venture into Whole Foods. Beyond the fact that we had to park a mile away and the store was packed like a can of sardines, I was quite impressed. From the gorgeous variety of fresh flowers to the expanse of organic fresh fruits, veggies... I was in awe.

I've never been much of a "health nut"... which is extremely clear after I ate a Cook Out tray for lunch with sides of onion rings, fries and to top it off a Cheerwine!?! But lately I've become more conscious of my health. I dream of the day when I can actually, with all honesty, say that I'm a organic junkie vegetarian, but living on a teacher's salary doesn't make that so easy.
As mom and I walked up and down the aisles filled with organic foods today, I just gawked at some of the prices. But after looking past the $5 cereal and $7 bowl of fruit, I stumbled upon some tasty treats to fit my budget.

Popcorn? Nope... PEANUT BUTTER!

Highlights of the trip were definitely the array of dairy free ice cream... HEAVEN! I ended up with a huge tub of chocolate peanut butter ice cream. (I don't think you know how amazing this is... the one thing I've been craving is ice cream and not daggum vanilla coconut milk ice cream. I want the real stuff people.) Second highlight was grinding my own organic peanut butter. The consensus is still out on this one but we shall see how good it is tomorrow with some delicious apples.
All in all, I will not be leaving my beloved Harris Teeter but I will no doubt be visiting Whole Foods on a weekly basis to scoop up some guilty pleasure ice cream!

Have you been to Whole Foods? If so what items do you recommend?

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  1. Hey there love the blog! I thought you looked familiar maybe we had a class together i live and teach in Greensboro too! I am your newest follower also. Stop by and visit my blog sometime,

    Btw, whole foods is great they have these cheese cake bites that are to die for and they are only a follower each and truthfully 1 is all you need!