Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Merci. Gratia. Gracias. Tack. Thank you!

With the end of the school year in sight, I've started to gather my farewell gifts for my students. Being a 5th grade teacher brings a whole new light to elementary school due to the fact that we are the end of the line... last spot on the map... final hurrah for students. It seems so surreal to know that I won't see my students from this year roaming through the hallways next year but I guess I've never known anything different.

Today, our grade level had our quarterly "data day" (side bar: our principal so graciously lets us use extra funding to provide substitutes for the entire grade level on a day of our choosing so that we can analyze benchmark data, enter PEP data, regroup guided reading groups among the grade, create remediation activities, meet with specialist, and most importantly gain some sanity.) During our data day today, we began to plan this year's 5th grade graduation.

I'm not sure how your school handles the transition from elementary to middle school but we make sure that our 5th graders go out with a bang. We have a Graduation DJ Dance Party (in which I do bust a move myself.) Then the following day we have a formal graduation ceremony with a march to Pop and Circumstance, handing out of diplomas, and slide show of years past. To say that this graduation ceremony out did my college graduation would be an understatement!

With graduation comes end of year teacher presents. Being brought up as southern as they come, my mother taught me well that no gift goes without a thank you card. And this weekend I happen to come across some adorable Thank You cards at Target and had to toss a few packs into my cart.

By far my favorite and so fitting for 5th graders!
$2.99- 10 count

$3.99- 10 count (love the blue)

$3.99- 10 count.
Reminds me of Kate Spade... which of course I LOVE.
Where do you tend to buy your thank you cards?


  1. We have a grade 5 celebration as well with a dinner and I give out certificates, both serious and some silly awards. Then we have a "dance" which mostly ends up being music played while everyone stands around and talks and eats but it's still fun.

  2. @Mme Chiasson- Your graduation celebration sounds just as grand as our 5th grade's. I love the idea of giving out certificates. I give silly superlatives at the end of the year to each students with a candy to match. Check out a post on my other blog http://mimosasonmondays.blogspot.com/2011/06/sweet-treat.html for some ideas. Thanks for visiting!

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